Intelligent Lighting is a computer-controlled light system. These are the sort of lights one would notice at high-end concerts and clubs around the world. By using moving-head lighting fixtures to add spectacular color to the whole room, our lighting technicians can change the entire vibe of any venue. Guests will be in awe to witness our moving-video light projections.


Uplighting adds elegance and class to any room. Lighting color can be changed to match the theme and can even be changed during the event to set different moods. Recommended for walls, columns, trees, bushes, and shrubbery.

Laser Systems create an out-of-this-world experience. Our lasers are so powerful that you need a special government license just to operate them. Our competitors lasers don't even compare to the brightness of our mega lasers. The lasers can do beam shows, or project graphics onto a wall or other surface.

LED Tube Lighting is a very popular way to stimulate audiences with lighting. With the ability to create dazzling light shows, any dance would be accented with this hot new lighting tool.

Gobo Pattern Projection is the best way to help portray a particular theme or get a message across. Our lighting fixtures project an image onto a wall, building, or floor. This image can be anything from a company logo, the name of a bride and groom, or even a skull and bones for a pirate themed night.

Backdrops are a great way to revamp any social occasion! Use our brilliant backdrops to transform your venue with this essential theme-setting element and leave a lasting impression every time! With our fun & easy backdrops surpass even your own expectations.

Fly Guys / Air Dances are inflatable tubes or dancers that tower up to 100ft in the air. They are used commonly during halftime shows, and outdoor events. Confetti can also be blasted out of the top.

Lounge Furniture helps create the club feel at any event. We have red, white, black, and brown couches. Our clear egg chairs are suspended in the air from a truss arch and can hold 900lbs each.

Spandex Objects bring the wow factor to themed events. We have many different shapes and sizes ranging from 8ft wide 10 pointed stars, to 12ft lighted spire towers. All objects have computer-controlled lights that can change color and strobe inside.

Spandex Towers are self-standing structures that have an LED light installed inside them. They can be set to the event theme color, or computer-controlled to change colors to the beat of the music, or on a certain cue.

Stretch Shapes are sewn from flame-retardant spandex. They are a great surface to project images, video, or theme gobos onto.

Video Walls are front or rear projection screens and come in 6x8ft and 9x12ft sizes. We use high-end video projectors and processing equipment for crystal-clear images and text.

Plasma Displays are a great visual tool. We can broadcast live video images, music videos, company or event logos, and even video games.

Co2 Blast Jets fire a 20ft long cloud of freezing cold air. It can be shot straight up in the air as an entrance way for a football team, or at a climax during assembly. It can even be aimed at a crowd to give a breathtaking attention grabbing effect!

Confetti Blasters are great for everything from rock concerts to school dances. Blasting up to 100ft in the air, its one way to be sure your audience gets their hands up. You get your choice of color, shape, and texture of the confetti. We even have biodegradable confetti that dissolves in water, thus requiring no cleanup.

Atmosphere Effects include: Fog machines that produce a white cloud of smoke. Snow machines that produce fine particles of foam and give the appearance of snow. Bubble machines which can produce thousands of bubbles a minute and can be used with a solution that makes them glow under backlights. Dry Ice creates a low lying fog that hugs the ground creating a dancing on the clouds effect.

Streamers are one shot co2 charged canisters that eject paper or metallic streamers into the air. Streamers can be many different colors, or mixture of colors in order to match a theme or schools colors.

Truss Structures are the best way to bring a temporary club or concert feel to any location. Safe and easily constructed there is no better way to transform a parking lot or a gym into whatever your imagination holds. Custom welded shapes are also available.

Stage Decks are attention getters. Elevated high above the crowd, you will have no problem getting your message across. -  714.792.0108  -  2009 <KICK-MIX> Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved